Two books that changed my practice

For two weeks, I have been debating which books to share. Teachers don't have a lot of time on their hands, so when you recommend a book, it had better be powerful and worthwhile.

I started blogging five years ago during a class I took at Michigan State University. Even though the topics were chosen for my classmates and me, the benefits of those blog posts prevail and are what keep me coming back to WordPress to post. Consolidation of Thoughts Teachers have so many thoughts going through their... Continue Reading →

$ave Dat Money

Let's be real - no one goes into teaching for the money. There is so much passion teachers put into their students, students' families, and professional development as educators throughout the school year (and often into their vacation time). This past summer, I transferred my passion energy from teaching to all the technicalities and logistics... Continue Reading →

Nail that interview

As I am currently in the midst of my job hunt, this topic is at the forefront of my mind. Every day I am either applying for jobs or writing cover letters or praying to Santa that I get a job at a great school with lovely people. Pretty much. There are a lot of... Continue Reading →

The balance between chaos and order

Maybe it's the change of seasons; maybe it's the fact an educator has a haul of ten weeks straight, without even a long weekend; maybe it's the realization that there is not a single month of a school year that is calm (even though we tell ourselves there is...every month); maybe it's the knowledge that... Continue Reading →

The Evolving Educator

Katie Martin kicks off her book, Learner-Centered Innovation, connecting with educators about the real double life that students find themselves in today. She quotes Will Richardson's article that shares a student's perspective as they describe themselves and their peers as the 'lost generation.' I mean, really. Which classroom would you rather be a student? Are we... Continue Reading →

I made a mistake.

I made a mistake a few weeks ago at work. To me, this wasn't a small mistake; it was a BIG, giant, shameful mistake. While I won't share the details because they don't matter here, I would like to share what was gained. Immediately upon discovering my mistake during a planning period, I freaked out. My... Continue Reading →

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