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Let’s be real – no one goes into teaching for the money. There is so much passion teachers put into their students, students’ families, and professional development as educators throughout the school year (and often into their vacation time). This past summer, I transferred my passion energy from teaching to all the technicalities and logistics involved in my move from Dubai to Santa Monica. There were A LOT. Luckily, I had a month at my mom’s where I had too much time on my hands to do loads of research. Ultimately, that nerding-out time saved me hundreds of dollars. Moving is expensive, but it wasn’t as pricey as it could’ve been this time around! I’d like to share with you my best tips in hopes that more teachers can stretch their hard-earned dollars further. When you’re done, please comment at the bottom so we all can learn more!

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Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can be annoying, but they can also save you lots of money and/or pay you back.

  1. Honey is constantly on the hunt for cheaper prices. In Amazon, it’s helped me swap distributors that charge less with merely a click. You can also put a watch on certain items and be notified when the price drops. No joke, I got the famous NanoTowels for half price because of this. In addition, it will try out multiple coupon codes successfully used by other users to save you extra $ or % when you go to check out.
  2. Cently is an extension that activates when you’re at the checkout stage of your purchase. While it also tests coupon codes, I noticed that it sometimes has different codes and it saved me 20% once when Honey could not.
  3. Ebates If you don’t know about Ebates, let me welcome you to a world of easy cash back. Ebates works at almost every retailer and will deposit a check into your PayPal account when it’s big enough. Since I use the Stands extension to block ads and tracking software, I often have to enable Ebates, but it’s worth it.
  4. Invisible Hand will notify you if the price of any item is cheaper elsewhere (Walmart, Ebay, Target, etc.) I listed this last, as it was my least used extension, but it did give me peace of mind that I was getting the best price (or that the next best price was less than 50 cents and not worth the added effort).
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Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak on Pexels.com

Other Money-Saving Tools

  1. Raise is amazing! Basically, when someone receives a gift card to a store they don’t frequent, they post it for sale at a discount on Raise. These discounts can be huge! I saved up to 9.4% on my purchases at Overstock and REI.
  2. Acorns is great throughout the entire year because it’s like a magic, mindless saving’s account that takes your spare change and puts it into your account! For example, let’s say I bought something at Nike for $23.24 and I had round-ups set to 3x (you can keep it at 1x). Rounding up to the next dollar ($24) would be 76 cents. 76×3=228 Acorns would withdraw that $2.28 and put it in my Acorns account. Not only that, Acorns has this thing called Found Money and currently, Nike has a cashback of 5% which is 1.162. That means, with one purchase I have brainlessly put $3.44 into my saving’s account. It’ll deposit lump sums (of $5 or more) into your chosen portfolio and then you can see that money soar with the stock market! So cool.
  3. DigIt is an app that works wonders by using algorithms that are too complex for me to understand, let alone explain. Basically, it analyzes your depositing and spending patterns while it also anticipates upcoming bills. Then, it will randomly withdraw money to save for what you want. In four months, I’ve saved $400 without even noticing! Anyways, it’s worth a look.
  4. Motif is for those of us that know it’s important to invest but have no idea what or how to do it. I’m currently using it to build my emergency saving’s account (that apparently should be 6 months worth of salary – WOAH). You get to choose accounts that align with your values (clean energy, American companies, etc.) and they create your portfolio in a snap! Easy Peezy.

If you appreciated the content in this post, please let me know. I have also learned great tips on how to use all that money we’ve now saved in money-stretching ways and would be willing to put it into a new post if enough people are interested.


Full disclaimer: If you sign up with the some of the links on this page, you and I may get free money. So, THANK YOU for using the links!

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