What’s in a Remix?

I have watched numerous remixes online. They are either motivational or amazing pieces of art and I absolutely love them. Well, I was given the assignment to create my own remix addressing the maker movement. Well, it is NOT as simple as it seems. Using Mozilla Popcorn, I spent a lot of time creating this short video: over an hour for every ten seconds I produced. Please take into account that this was after I spent time learning what Popcorn was and how to use it. To say the least, I was frustrated. Technology usually comes easily to me, but this was not simple or easy or user-friendly. To make a minute of video that could capture my idea that we, as a human race, are losing out on new inventions because of current copyright laws, I found myself exhausted, yet…strangely…totally engaged.

This challenging assignment helped me realize why we need to allow kids to think for themselves and give them the opportunity to fail, especially when it comes to technology. We need to pass on the pursuit of challenge and, better yet, success after failure. To do so, we should give kids the opportunity to explore, imagine, and create. I was originally upset that the program kept crashing on me or that I was choosing the wrong seconds to include, but ultimately, I was very proud of my creation. While I know it is NOT the best I can, nor will, do, I know it’s a start because I have that belief instilled in me.

I can be better…if I work at it.

That. Is what we need to pass on to the next generation. The knowledge that great products take time, include many, MANY mistakes, and include the cost of frustration and (sometimes) tears. It’s a good thing.

Check out my amateur video; I’d love to hear your thoughts:

The Maker Movement



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