Cooking with TPACK

TPACK Fruit Salad

To truly live TPACK, I was given the assignment from my technology course to cook a dish, but with some serious rules. I called upon Matt, giving him no background information, to help me by choosing a plate, bowl, kitchen utensil, and draw a number from 1-5. He chose a large plate, small bowl (ramekin, more like), cheese grater, and the number that corresponded to fruit salad. No one ever uses a cheese grater to make a fruit salad, so the final product is clearly not your everyday fruit salad. The process, however, was enlightening.

I found a way to slice soft fruit (the strawberry and banana) and discovered that one could grate pears and apples! While it wasn’t the cleanest process, there was a more potent fruit smell and I had fun. I decided to use the bowl for my fruit trash and the plate worked well as my cutting board, and later doubled as my serving dish (why not?).

As teachers, we’re often given supplies that are inadequate for meeting all our students, or that are just not useful. Using our creative ingenuity, we can make anything “work” as long as we remember what our ultimate goal is. In this case, a fruit salad was made and enjoyed, so I would consider myself successful. Learning should be messy. Learning should be fun. By finding tools and repurposing them to fit our learning objectives, all teachers find success.

Please watch and enjoy my video to witness my crazy process. Thank you, Matt, for setting the stage. Bon appetit!

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  1. You made some great comments here (e.g. teachers not always having the proper tools to accomplish a job). I agree that, as teachers, our creativity is critical in meeting the needs of our students no matter what tools we do or don’t have!


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