Learning Through YouTube: Update!

I’ve spent hours scouring YouTube to learn how to style my hair (Click here for the introduction to this project). The first, and most important “skill” for me to learn was forming voluminous curls that would last throughout the day. While there were many videos that told me a curling iron could work, I completely disagree since my hair didn’t hold the curls for very long. I purchased a heat resistant glove to hold the curls after I’d remove them from the curling iron, used copious amounts of hair spray, and pinned the curls to allow them to cool and set. Regardless of every attempt, my hair was always straight within an hour. I did notice that the curling iron worked well for curls around my face, where my hair was shorter and less heavy, but I still wanted curls on the rest of my head.

Not the look I was going for
The headband method gives me loose, relaxed, and natural curls

After accepting that my hair wouldn’t become best friends with the curling iron, I moved onto heatless curls and tried many different methods. Basically, I prepped my hair the night before in either braids, pin curls, buns, or a headband, went to sleep, and woke up happy or shocked. Curls can hold all day with this method! However, I NEED TO ensure the curls are large enough before going to bed because tiny curls or tight braids at night meant super tiny curls in the morning. It wasn’t pretty and not what I was hoping for. I ended up modifying Vivian’s headband method by putting individual pieces and keeping the flips through the headband loose. Vivian and her videos are extremely helpful because she explains why she does certain things (like wetting her hair a little first), which allows me to be more successful and avoid potential mistakes. See my short video below to see how it works for me.

A classmate recommended I look into mastering the chignon (thanks again, Dave!), which was wonderful because I discovered there are many options for long hair. I found Lilith Moon‘s YouTube site and watched almost every one of her videos. She taught me how to take advantage of my long hair with beautiful braids, wraps, and twists. She not only shows how to do each hairstyle, but also includes simplified steps that she repeats over and over to help me remember.

Loose and slightly messy is trendier now, which means prepping my hair the night before for curls is helpful for the inevitable strands that come out of the up-do to have life. It’s a good thing I’ve finally mastered that skill so I can move onto perfecting hairstyles by Lilith and Kate.

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