Tips to Make Evernote Your Personal GTD Assistant

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I just discovered the true power of Evernote. Instead of just being a place to jot down notes, diary entries, phone numbers, etc., it is becoming my personal Getting Things Done (GTD) assistant. I just add an actionable task as an individual checkbox with special tags. Ta-Da!evernote checkbox

Thanks to detailed instructions by Ruud andMalc, anyone can figure out how to set up saved searches to match their personal needs: time, place, projects, etc. I recommend adding them to Shortcuts to make it easier to access and jump between. I also modified some of Ruud’s key tags by eliminating the @ unless it’s a place or person.

The saved searches have allowed me to organize my day by what I truly need to accomplish AND the smaller items that often get pushed aside just by clicking on the 5 or 15 minute search. The key is checking in on a daily and weekly basis to move items from waiting for (someone), projects, and someday into next actions.

Best part? You can still use Evernote as an organizing platform for everything else!


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8 thoughts on “Tips to Make Evernote Your Personal GTD Assistant

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      1. Awesome Nicole!
        I do the same too but I find that there is no way to publish straight from Evernote to WordPress so I made one. The service is now in early version and I’m wondering if could help me test it and give me some feedback on it.

        I have the site up over at and in this version only text is supported but I would be adding image support and markdown soon 😀

        When your finished the signup, a new notebook will appear in your evernote.
        Titled “BlogwithPublish”

        Any note written in the notebook will be sync to wordpress. This is great
        from live blogging.

        If you are writing a long post. If you write it in another notebook and
        when you are done, you can drag it into the “BlogwithPublish” and it will
        be published 😀

        Looking forward to hear from you soon.


  1. Just wondering if you’re still liking the Evernote software. I’ve thought about something like that myself, as it’s always hard to stay organized teaching and being a student as well.


    1. I LOVE Evernote, David! I fell in love with it when I first discovered it last year, but having to dig deeper has made me appreciate all the capabilities it has to offer. I get more done (I’m not even lying) because of the ability to click on “5 minute” tasks when I only have short spurts of time…


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