Cooking with TPACK

To truly live TPACK, I was given the assignment from my technology course to cook a dish, but with some serious rules. I called upon Matt, giving him no background information, to help me by choosing a plate, bowl, kitchen utensil, and draw a number from 1-5. He chose a large plate, small bowl (ramekin, more like), cheese grater,... Continue Reading →

Learning Through YouTube: Mission Possible

My grad class assigned me a "Networked Learning Project". What is that? Well, I had to choose something that I wanted to learn, but didn't have the time or energy to learn it. Considering I am 33 years old and don't know what to do with my hair...ever...I thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn... Continue Reading →

21st Century Lesson Plan

There are many technology resources at our fingertips, and teachers need to ensure that the ones they choose to use in the classroom support meaningful learning objectives and their students' development of understanding through play. Thomas and Brown (2011) recognize that "A growing digital, networked infrastructure is amplifying our ability to access and use nearly unlimited resources... Continue Reading →

Learning Through YouTube: Update!

I've spent hours scouring YouTube to learn how to style my hair (Click here for the introduction to this project). The first, and most important "skill" for me to learn was forming voluminous curls that would last throughout the day. While there were many videos that told me a curling iron could work, I completely disagree since... Continue Reading →

Tips to Make Evernote Your Personal GTD Assistant

I just discovered the true power of Evernote. Instead of just being a place to jot down notes, diary entries, phone numbers, etc., it is becoming my personal Getting Things Done (GTD) assistant. I just add an actionable task as an individual checkbox with special tags. Ta-Da! Thanks to detailed instructions by Ruud andMalc, anyone can figure out how to... Continue Reading →

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