The Internet is Now My Favorite Teacher

After creating an image of my PLN on Monday, I was blown away when I realized how many of my sources that I turn to for help in developing myself as an educator come from the internet. As a teacher in this digital age, and one who has been living abroad for almost seven years, I have been deeply concerned that... Continue Reading →

Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

We all have Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) to keep up with changes in education, stay connected to our colleagues, and even learn some new tips and tricks of the trade. Digitally, the opportunities are growing every year. Below, I show you what my PLN looks like today, January 2015. Maybe next year, I'll have discovered new... Continue Reading →

Grammar Lessons: A Time and A Place

Beth Moore has written a wonderful summary here on how to realistically implement grammar into our classrooms. I also really like "Mechanically Inclined" and "Everyday Editing" by Jeff Anderson for the upper grades. His lower elementary version will be coming out soon.

Learning and Understanding in the Classroom

Being an effective teacher in the classroom requires great skill at being able to recognize where your students are coming from to facilitate the learning process. While reading the first three chapters of Bransford, Brown, and Cocking's (2000) How People Learn for my graduate course, "Teaching Understanding with Technology", I was reminded of the importance of... Continue Reading →

Improve Our Students’ Reading: Part 1

The question, How do we improve students’ reading?, is not a new one, but more and more is learned every year as to which practices are most effective. I can summarize the strongest key factor in one word: teachers. Teachers help students learn to read and grow as readers, so improving teaching practices in the... Continue Reading →

Philosophy of Education

The ultimate goal of education is, of course, for learning to take place.  It is the job of every teacher to increase learning in each of their students, while also fostering their students’ natural desire to explore, question, and learn independently.  I believe my task is to create an environment where students feel comfortable to... Continue Reading →

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